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COVID-19 - General Guidance for Riders


  • Electronic online entry only. There will be no paperwork process between Rider and Club.

  • One Day licences will only be issued when completing online entry.

  • Travel and vehicle occupancy to and from events should conform to current government guidelines on social groups.

  • All machinery and equipment to be clean and disinfected by riders prior to travel

  • All machinery and equipment should be mechanically sound and ready to use prior to travel

  • Riders should be prepared in advance to service their own machine in the event of a breakdown

  • All Riders to bring with them face masks and hand sanitiser



  • Riders must obey Scottish Government social distancing rules at all times

  • Please park with a least a car width between vehicles

  • Upon arrival, the temperature of every individual will be taken utilising a non-contact method of measurement. Any individual whose temperature exceeds 38’C will not be permitted entry. Officials taking the temperature measurements will wear appropriate PPE.

  • Absolutely no spectators are allowed

  • Sign on will be contactless. Present your licence to the event secretary from a safe distance. Pens/pencils/paper should not be shared.

  • No riding of machinery prior to start, follow the instructions of the Clerk of the Course

  • Riders must remain in their vehicles and wait to be called before proceeding to the start area

  • When leaving the track/course/section, riders should return directly to their vehicle

  • In the event of an incident occurring, medical staff must use appropriate PPE.

  • Marshals should not remove helmets or gloves from fallen riders. Once a scene is assessed if Medical assistance is required it should be summoned in the normal fashion. Once Medical Services are on scene marshals should either retire to an appropriate distance, or if requested to assist Medical Staff, ensure they have the correct levels of PPE to protect them.

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